I joined DCR along time ago, I made the statement;   One a day I join DCR, another day I leave, knowing I made things better! I wrote this on a Yellow Post It Note, I think it’s still in the studio today, it was a good feeling that day, heading to Sammy’s Pop Pourri, […]

2 Teams from Dunoon Grammar School headed to the Apps For Good Final. Apps for Good is a program ran for First Year Pupils that is called IoT ( Internet of Things ) which is part of the Emerging Technology Category, Apps for Good encourages Computational Thinking ( thinking like a computer ) and thinking for […]

DCR97.4FM GETTING READY FOR CELTIC CONNECTIONS WITH CELTIC MUSIC RADIO 95FM  January 15, 2018   NEWS RELEASE  CELTIC MUSIC RADIO – LIVE FOR MORE THAN 150 HOURS AT CELTIC CONNECTIONS               CELTIC Music Radio is set once again to play a major role in Celtic Connections – 10 years since it launched […]

Regular visitors to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall over the last week during Celtic Connections especially in the morning would not have  missed that the venue was very popular with young children of primary school age in fact hundreds of  youngsters . On Tuesday morning as Dcr97.4 presenters made preparations to broadcast live from the […]

Chaill sinn sàr Ghàidheal gu h-obann Diardaoin an 4 latha den Fhaoilleach agus ‘s e buile uamhasach a th’ ann am bàs Iain MhicLeòid aig 66 bliadhna a dh’aois, agus bi ionndrainn mhòr air a chuid dìchill agus dealas ann an saoghal na Gàidhlig. Ach ‘s ann dhan dlùth theaghlach a th’ air am fàgail […]

  3rd JANUARY 2018  –  3.00PM – 4.00PM Wednesday I’ts all things Astrology and good music  Lynne says “My next broadcast will be on the 3/1/2018. I will be looking at the signs of Aquarius and Pisces. I shall also start work on the houses of a chart and the area’s of life they cover, all this […]

IAIN “I didn’t realise at the time that at the end of a day’s walking on the Camino de Santiago, when I was tired but happy, that the thoughts I was writing down would one day be a book. I’m proud that I’ve written this and hope that one day it inspires someone to do […]

With you Host K M REID, Kate & her Team KM will be holding things together in the studio today both on the air and behind the scenes – if you are one of the many guests who will be coming into the studio to chat to the listeners It will be Kate or one of […]

DUNOON COMMUNITY COUNCIL and STRUAN LODGE DEVELOPMENT GROUP have posted notice to advise of two Public sessions to be held Wednesday 22nd November 2017 in Dunoon Grammar School between 6pm and 9pm and Thursday 23RD November 2017 in St Muns Church Hall between 2pm and 4.30pm These meetings will be in the form of DROP […]

Officially closing the Loch Abar Mod 2017 the final event took place on the streets of Fort William, as the massed choir made its way along the High Street for a final sing-a-long.  Angela Johnson receives the Mod Flag from Ronald Cameron of the Lochaber organizing Mod committee  Dunoon’s Angela Johnson Representing the 2018 host […]

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