Iain McKie

Iain joined DCR 97.4FM in Dec 2015 after a impromptu guest appearance on Tuesday’s TLLLVLBS with Victor and Carol and made such an impression not only with the DCR97.4FM team but with the listeners that he was asked to return the following week and then the next and the rest is history with Iain producing and presenting his weekly show “Perpetual Dreams”

Iain’s weekly show is a time to sit back, have fun and listen to a incredible variety of music, many favourite tunes the choice of the listeners. Iain absolutely looks at the positive and fun things in life with weekly inspirational quotes, jokes and special guests on a regular basis.

In 2016 Iain took a 5 week brake from presenting to walk the Camino de Santiago which is a 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. It had such an impact on his life he wrote a book that talks about his daily adventures on the Camino. You can check out his book here.


You can text Iain on 0775 123 6995 or message him in the Perpetual Dreams Facebook page during his show from 7-8 every Tuesday.

Life’s a garden – Dig it!

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