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Mark Borland has been working in the music industry for the last 20 years, playing in original bands as well as working as a session musician and producer with various artists. He has also played in successful covers bands across the west coast including Vendetta, The Junkyard Dawgs, The Lucky 13, Wildcard & Wildebeest.

Mark is currently one of the guitar players and songwriters with Canadian / British biker sleaze rock band: Thunderf*@# & The Deadly Romantics and new Scottish punk rockers: The Apparents. He is also the touring guitar player for Edinburgh based modern goth rockers: Gothzilla and has recently started playing with a new Dunoon based rock band.

Having toured throughout Europe and the UK, Mark moved to Dunoon almost 3 years ago and set up his home recording studio, 16-50 Recording Studios where he is working on the 2nd full-length album from the Deadly Romantics as well as the debut alum from The Apparents punk rock band. If he has time, he will also be working on his own solo album! He has also recorded adverts for DCR as well as some local bands and musicians with more work in the pipeline.

Mark has been presenting the Rock, Metal & Prog Show on DCR since May 2017. He also gate-crashes “Gaulty’s Answers To Everything” whenever he can, where he and Gaulty (who have been dubbed ‘The Toxic Twins’ by other presenters) reach new heights of nonsense and hilarity! Mark also co-presents Geek Speak every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 with the two Andy’s where we talk about movies, games, tech, books and all things geek!

Spotify Links:

The Apparents

Thunder£$%* & The Deadly Romantics



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