Natasha / Work Experience/DoE


Natasha has joined DCR as a volunteer through the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and is keen to learn and be part of everything Radio. She first appeared on Iain McKie’s Perpetual Dreams as a guest before quickly moving on to help produce and co-present the show. Over the next six months, Natasha will be spending time with many of the presenters learning how everyone presents and produces their shows and helping out with various events all of which will help towards her event management area of DOE. She has already completed the physical section which was archery and is also doing information technology (IT) for her skills section. In August Natasha is heading off to college to start a course in Creative Industries – Television Production.

Natasha enjoys many hobbies which include reading and writing, listening to all types of music, and watching movies, astronomy and star signs of which she is a cancer is of great interest to her along with video games and YouTube videos.

Current track

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