The Inverclyde Independent has been bringing a mix of news, weather reports and lifestyle articles since 2015.

The Indie was started when Dick Beavers, Aristotle MacLeaver, Emma Royds and the rest of the gang got fired for drinking on the job at another local newspaper that shall go un-named. As time has went on the roster has grown to include food writer Senga McCafferty, newshound Johnny Bullingdon, agony aunt Helena Handbasket and psychic astrologer Bruce Foresight and many others.

In that time, they’ve brought exclusive stories like the time ISIS took over Greenock and turned it into an Islamic Caliphate, the local man who changed his name to sound more Irish, the Fake Festival targeted directly at middle aged men who still think they’re cool.

Then there was the time two men claimed to have visited the Wherry Tavern without getting thrown out! As if!

Dunoon has featured on the Indie more than once too. Way back in 2015 we reported on the time the entire population was abducted by Aliens, we revealed that Argyll Ferries are planning to introduce Florida swamp boats to save a bit of money and that Netflix are to put their logo in 150-foot-high letters on Greenock’s Lyle Hill now that there’s broadband in Dunoon.

Recently they’ve started producing full multimedia content including videos from local celebrity Gaston Courbé and angry fox Spitball who spouts off about the big issues of the day.

Plans are afoot to get bigger and better this year with special events, offers and clubs. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or email us at

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