The Rock, Metal & Prog Show

presented by Mark Borland

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Wednesday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

The best of new and classic Rock, Metal & Prog.

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The Rock, Metal & Prog Show with Mark Borland plays the best in new independant, self-financed or unsigned Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive bands as well as the best of signed artists. The show focuses mainly on the music with as much nonsense chat as can be shoe-horned in between the tracks with listeners encouraged to interact with Mark through text message or live chat. The show also features interviews with artists, exclusive tracks and album launch specials.

Live chat and interaction is encouraged throughout the show.

Along side regular slots of “Double Dunters”, “Three Cover Songs In A Row” and “Way Back Wednesdays” there are also some themed shows such as the “80’s LA Sunset Strip Hair Metal Special” and the “Halloween Spooktacular”.

Tune in to hear a superb blend of new music from a diverse range of artists from across the Rock, Metal & Prog spectrum and find your new favourite band every Wednesday from 8pm till 10pm.

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The Rock, Metal & Prog Show crew

Presenter of the Rock, Metal & Prog Show & co-presenter of Geek Speak.

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