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It was a dark wet Friday night in February 2011 when Trish went solo on the broadcasting desk for the very first time to  present her very first “Whatever Rock Your Boat”

Tonight “Whatever Rocks YOUR Boat” with Trish will have been Rockin’ the airwaves for 6 years!…and will celebrate with an all listeners request show

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Over the last six years the Award Winning “Whatever Rocks YOUR Boat” has been heard all over the world and has featured many famous artists and bands with many interviews with music legends as well as many new up and coming artist and bands.


Promoting new artist has always been an integral part of “Whatever Rocks YOUR Boat” and to help the cause Trish has promoted musical events in local venues and is always on the look out for new artist and venues

Also on tonight’s show “The New and Unsigned Slot” features 16 year old Calum Jones from Moray, Aberdeen’s ROTU..Homegrown, Greenock/Dunoon’s Purple Doves Scotlands  Best Kept Secret..and Peur from Manchester..


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