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Do you want to join our team? We’d love to have you! All posts are unpaid volunteer roles.  Nobody is paid to help out at DCR and any money received goes to one thing and one thing only…improving the station.

Dunoon Community Radio is run by the community for the community so without volunteers, we couldn’t exist. All we ask is that you can commit some of your time and passion to the station as we need people who will remain in roles for at least a few months (but preferably for the foreseeable future).

A lot of people want to present a show…and that’s great, but we’re currently really in need of people to help behind the scenes.

We’re currently specifically looking for:

Volunteer Coordinator

We’re looking for somebody who can get people excited about volunteering at the station, find the right people for the right jobs and be the go-between person for the various different departments, making sure everyone is up-to-date with what the other volunteers need so that everyone is moving in the right direction.

You’ll work directly with the station manager, marketing, and web teams and be the main point of contact for all staff so you can work out how or who is best to deal with the issues at hand.  You’ll be responsible for finding out which departments need more volunteers, write recruitment adverts and speak to all potential volunteers.

We never turn anyone down who wants to help so your role is to find the right position for interested parties.

Events Team

This would include an Events Coordinator as well as Events Assistants

We would like to expand our community reach by attending more events both in Cowal and beyond.

We have the presenters but we need a team in place to make these events happen.  If you have the skills, time and passion to help us with this then please get in touch.

This may be suitable for retired people as well as students or young people wanting to get experience of event management. However, it should be noted that we want this team to be pretty independent so once the roles are filled and you’ve been given some insights in how the station works you’re free to go out and do your own thing.

Build your team and go crazy!

News Gatherer

Here at DCR we aim to be a community hub., and we want the website to be a great source of information for everyone, no matter what you’re into. This requires someone to network with all the key stakeholders in Dunoon to gather information about what’s happening in the town.

We have a number of roles available and if you are interested please contact us so we can discuss further with you.