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Advertise with us

Radio is a great way to get your message out there. Not only will your advert reach the local community but it will be played across the UK and indeed, the world !


It’s quick, simple and cost effective to advertise with us and we can customise advert campaigns to suit your needs. We can run short or long term advertising campaigns and can also provide facilities to record your advert and provide backing music should it be required for a small charge.

When you advertise with us, your advert will be played 18 times per 24 hour period, 7 days per week. Adverts will reach listeners tuning in through traditional FM radio as well as our digital listeners who use to listen in. This covers a range of listeners all over the UK and across the world.

Please contact our Marketing & Advertising Manager for further details or to discuss a particular advertising campaign you may have.

Approx 30 second advert recording; If you don’t have a pre-recorded advert and require us to record something for you then there is a one off cost which includes the following:

  • Recording studio time and producer;
  • Voice over artists;
  • Bespoke music production;
  • Review of wording & content;
  • A copy of the advert both as an .mp3 and .WAV file.

Compare our costs to other forms of advertising and we are sure you will find that we are both wider reaching and more cost effective. An advert in a local newspaper for example is usually only seen once or twice per issue. A radio advert is repeated many times daily over the length of the campaign. Local newspaper advertising is constrained by its circulation and your business may need to take out adverts in multiple publications. With local radio advertising, not only do we reach the local community but we also reach listeners nationally and indeed, globally.


As well as advertising, you can also sponsor one of our shows. Sponsorship includes the following:

  • Your business name and tag line included in all promotional jingles for the show sponsored;
  • Inclusion in “Featured Sponsors List” on;
  • Your business name and logo appearing on all promotional media for the show sponsored;
  • Display promotional material for your business at any “live” events.

To discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us on