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Written by on 03/07/2015

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A long-time supporter and listener of Dunoon Community Radio who even hung out with the DCR crew at a Highland Gathering a few years back and who we occasionally play “The Moody Blues” has been in touch with us as she is concerned that recent events where she lives may not be being reported as they are …….,,

She lives in Charleston, South Carolina in the USA and works a few blocks away from the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where as you are aware an horrific act took place a short while ago which left  six women and three men dead.

She says “It was a horrific act by someone not from our city ….but whereas, in some other high profile tragedies in other cities OUR city has come together in unity and solidarity to try to overcome the grief and help the families through the process. Other people from other places sometimes come in and try to stir up hate and division.

We keep exhibiting that we do not react the way others do…no rioting or looting or other negativity from our citizens. In fact, over 10,000 people joined hands across a bridge span to show we stand as brothers and sisters. Last night some people tried to stir up trouble in front of the memorial in front of the church where it occurred…only to be met by those who were there paying their respects in turn spontaneously singing “We Shall Overcome”.

Sorry for the length….but in case only the bad stuff is being relayed across the pond…I wanted you to have a glimpse into some realities.

All this to say, please keep us all in thoughts and prayers….and would you please play a Beatles tune if you can ….All You Need is Love.”

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We ask all our listeners that when you next pray to your God ask your God to give strength to all those who believe in equality and oppose the wrong doings in this world of ours.

We have many listeners  across the USA not just in Charleston, South Carolina or Baltimore Maryland through our sister radio Station Global Links Radio who we exchange programmes with, our thoughts and prayers are with you–Communities linking the World –Bless