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Dr Bill wrote this poem on Mull shortly after hearing of the passing of his friend and decided to put music to it after he was informed that the broadcast tribute to Brian he and Mike Burke had took part in mid –week was to be repeated today.

The recording took place last night, Friday with Dr Bill singing and playing all the guitars taking two takes, it was despatched to Brian’s Family for their approval and broadcast today, Saturday in the introduction to this afternoons Argyll Country Folk programme

~ A poem for a dear friend ~

For Brian

The light is slowly fading, as the sun sinks in the west

The amber glow of eventide will guide the soul to rest

And as I gaze across the Sound, Iona’s presence glimmers

The shallows feint, in ghostly paint, that sets the sea a shimmer

And high up in the firmament, where blackest black is found

The twinkling stars of Northern skies are scattered all around

But there is one constellation, that my thoughts will e’er endow

The navigator’s reverence points, Polaris and The Plough

But now my thoughts return to you, my quiet departed friend

For none of us can ever know, just how this circuit ends

And as the lights of night begin to stutter and to fade

The new dawn beckons in new life, with streaks of golden shade.

Bill Wilkie  /  16th October 2013



Many listeners have enquired about the song “Hand OnThe Plough” Written by Doc Bill Wilkie and dedicated to his friend and fellow musician Brian Fogarty which featured in the tribute to Brian featuring Dr Bill and Mike Burke.

The recording played is the one and only take featuring Brian and Dr Bill providing the music backing with Dr Bill on Vocals, it was possibly the last recording made by Brian and one he was very happy to calibrate in, for this reason it was played unedited and we thank Dr Bill for allowing us to do so


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