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XC Bike

Not long to go now for the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Series, Round 2 event.                                                                   Another new top event for Dunoon and it’s all happening Bank holiday weekend 30th April/1st May with an exciting weekend of activities and spectator fun for all the family

And for those members of the family who would like to try out their riding skills there is going to be a Pump Cycle Track at the West Bay over the Bank Holiday Weekend for everyone to try and don’t worry if you haven’t a bike .

pop up track

The Dunoon Presents Team will have bikes available so every one can come along and experience the Pump Cycle Track you are of course welcome to bring your own along.

Children and adults are really going to love it! and It’s all part of the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Series, Round 2 event and completely FREE .


Loads of other outdoor activities too…Dunoon Community Radio will be out and about chatting to folk and recording your views on this Dunoon’s latest SportFun event —seeeeee you there


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