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Written by on 02/03/2011

 Legendary Scottish Entertainer Frank Galloway better know as Banjo Frank certainly proved a very popular guest on last nights TLLLVLBS if the amount of text and e-mails received are an indication. When the presenter asked listeners if the Banjo was being received clear a stream of text politely asking him to shut up and just let Frank get on was received much to the amusement of the Corridor guest. 

                                                             Banjo Frank talked about his recent epic 114 miles sea voyage by canoe to recreate the journey made by the brave Woman of Cowal who travelled the 114 miles by sea, river and loch to fight at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, and explained how he became involved which, as it seems with most things in Banjo Franks life, was a story in it’s self. Memories of an old Dunoon  when there was never a shortage of live entertainment and folk flooded into the town and when every other person was a “Character” with a tale to tell. Several original poems and  songs including a hilarious song dedicated to another local hero Brian the Traffic Warden and a song of Franks childhood in Glasgow and the arrangements for keeping your toes warm in the “family” bed had the studio audience in stitches                                                                                                                                                   Ninety minutes was just not long enough for this fine Gentleman entertainer and we wonder how he will manage in one evening to do all he hopes to do to entertainer us all at what can only be described as an extravaganza  of entertainment .                                                                                                                                                                                       We shall be there at the Queens Hall Friday 18th March .  A big thank you to Banjo Frank for visiting us in the Corridor and thank you for the tales of Gallowsand the secrets to which we are now privy to and may be the end of us all, for the wonderful tales of the past and so much more which hopefully we will all be able to listen to again and again very shortly here on the web site