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If you are amongst the many listeners who have been listening and enjoying the Weegie Wednesday stories that have been broadcast by the Hospital Broadcasting Service and included as part of Robert Craws Showtime Spectacular shows you may be very interested in this news from the local Burgh Hall Players

The group was only formed last Autumn, with support and assistance from Ann Campbell and Jenny Hunter of the Burgh Hall Trust.                         The Players plan to rehearse in the Burgh Hall and then put on several plays there this year once the building re-opens.

On Wednesday 19th April the Burgh Hall Players will be holding their first Annual General Meeting. The business side of the event is to sign up members and to elect a committee of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The fun side will be a few surprise activities to encourage and develop the confidence of any budding thespians.

If you are interested in acting, directing, helping backstage or would like ? If so, come to the Burgh Hall’s Pop Up Shop in Argyll Street, Dunoon, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th April to register with the Burgh Hall Players.

The Burgh Hall Players will also be joining the Scottish Community Drama Association (SCDA), with a view to reviving a long tradition in Cowal of not just performing but also entering drama competitions.

Are you interested in acting, directing or helping backstage? If so, come to the Burgh Hall’s Pop Up Shop in Argyll Street, Dunoon, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th April to register with the Burgh Hall Players.

Scottish Community Drama Association

Scottish Community Drama Association

SCDA supports the development of Community Drama in Scotland. Over 400,000 attend amateur theatre performances from Shetland to the Borders, in venues that range from village halls, Scout Huts to ruined castles. For people in remote rural areas, it can be the only access to live theatre. 10,000 participate in these shows each year, learning skills of performance, marketing, health and safety, and even just enjoying the social life which our 250 clubs offer to older people, newly single, and childre nunder the age of 18. Our members range from age 5 to 81, and all our events are managed by our network of 400 volunteers in 28 grass roots local committees.

Many of Scotland’s top actors started out in SCDA clubs. Richard Wilson ( Greenock Players); Alan Cumming (Carnoustie Theatre Club) , to name just two.

They are committed to enabling the most disadvantaged groups to take part and are currently working with a Gujarati group to start a drama class and eventually to create their own play in English which reflects their culture.



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