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Derek McIntyre with  his Toward hat on will be in the studio to chat to Kerry and Victor this Wednesday 5.00pm –7.00pm to bring us up to date and tell us more regards the alarming Local and National press coverage Castle Toward has had over the last week


castle toward xmas fayre

Ironically Derek was due to appear to tell us all about  the Castle Toward Christmas Fayre everyone was getting excited about now it seems this may be your final chance to visit the Mansion House. Regardless,  It’s not over yet and on Saturday 13th December, 11.30am – 5pm.
It’s The Castle Toward Christmas Fayre, an opportunity to pick up a Christmas gift, help local charities, listen to some entertainment, grab some hot food or even buy a real Christmas Tree.

Full programme and performance times to be announced.

castle toward photo

 What a brilliant Photograph of The Proud Mansion House  taken by Ronnie Cairns –He’s very tall you know

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