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Written by on 20/12/2010


With less than a week to go we are all very excited here at DCR looking forward to our second Christmas broadcast which for a lot of us is our first experience of broadcasting live over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

All the regular presenters will be presenting special editions of their programmes with of course a Christmas flavour and will be asking you the listener to join in and contribute to the fun.

Check out the programme Schedule and the presenters pages for all the latest

news and programmes

The Non Christmas, Christmas Tune has had a very good response                           What’s your favourite seasonal tune at this time that has no reference to Christmas or the Seasonal Festivities. Why not let us know what your favourite                     NON CHRISTMAS TUNE is and we will play it for you and give you a mention or dedicate it to someone from you-Of course we will be playing lots of Christmas Tunes so let us know you’re favorites  and we can play them for you.

Angie will start the Christmas Ball Rolling on Sunday 19th December with her Christmas Classics -but for all Angie Classic Fans we wouldn’t be suprised if this isin’t the last time you hear Angie before Christmas

Dj Andy Mac wants to know what your Fantasy Christmas Present would be although he doesn’t guarantee he can make your wish come true especially as wishes so far have included Ferrari and Lamborghinis, Take That as Christmas dinner Guest and the winning lottery tickets numbers.

 Douglas has asked if you have any memories of Christmas Day you would like to share with other listeners during his Christmas Eve STEP BACK IN TIME to let him know and he would be only to happy to include them especially if they bring a smile to the listeners.

Ian Wilson is looking forward to you joining him with his Special Christmas            West Coast Ceilidh all request show.                     

Sam is waiting for you to jog his memory for his Christmas Memories Show

Simon has found some good Christmas tunes no one else has played yet and will be playing in his Simons Christmas Choice.

Dj Davie has a Christmas Cracker of a programme for his  Christmas special and everyone here is looking forward to it. He will be  examining the obsession the UK has with the Christmas number 1 single. Dj Davie is adding a twist with a tribute to good songs that didn’t quite make it due to X Factor karaoke songs or horrendous novelty singles.                                             

Frankie G Has a very Special Christmas Day Edition of his Lonesome Stranger programme.                                                                                                                   Don’t forget to Check out the programme Schedule and the presenters pages for all the latest news and programmes

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