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Studio Guest – Daniel O’Donnell – Christmas Eve Sun 24 Dec -with Stewart Fenwick 12 – 2pm and repeated Tuesday 2nd January 5.00pm on DCR97.4FM

Whilst everyone is waiting for Santa to arrive, we’ve got an equally welcome guest on this week’s Celtic Country, when the legendary Daniel O’Donnell talks to Stewart Fenwick.


His “Christmas With Daniel” 2CD & DVD package recorded live in Dublin last Christmas, also features his long time duet partner Mary Duff, as well as Britain’s Got Talent’s Presentation Choir and The Billie Barry Kids.

The album marks the 30th consecutive year that Daniel has had an album in the UK charts, an amazing feat by any standards.

Daniel also talks about his TV work, including his stint on Strictly Come Dancing, and how much he’s love a part in his favourite TV soap.

As well as Daniel, Stewart will be playing some new, and not so festive sounds to get you in the mood for the big day.

Tune in Christmas Eve (Sunday) 12 Noon-2pm, repeated Tuesday 2nd January 5.00pm



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