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NOT TO BE MISSED FERRY INTERVIEWS Listen in on Monday 21st November 12 Noon – 4pm to GOOD AFTERNOON WITH DAVID FALLER   DC R97.4FM and be prepared to be ……….amazed,  amazed at just how much there is in this Good Afternoon edition.                        On Mondays  show  hear about the……. New Business Initiative when Argyll and Bute Council Leader Dick Walsh tells of the new council initiative using News Sheet ,  The Internet and Dunoon Community Radio to make it easier for members of the community to put forward questions, comments and suggestions and have them answered, also hear what The Leader of the Council had to say when Executive Producer Willie Stewart asked about the current situation “To Do With The Dunoon Ferry Service”

More Ferry Information 4.00PM-5.00PM  DUNOON DRIVE TO FIVE –when the executive –producer Willie  can be heard chatting to  Chairperson of the Dunoon Community Council Anne Gabriel and fellow committee member  Ronnie Smith

Hear Willie ask  what is the Community Council? What do they do? Do they have any power and what’s this Public Meeting advertised for the 24th November  at the Queens Hall  to discuss the new ferry service ? Listen in for the answers and much , much more.

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