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Written by on 06/09/2010

It was just twelve months ago that we posted details here on our website with a few photographs of our very first outside event held in the Dunoon Argyll Gardens. At that time we were not broadcasting and were searching for suitable premises  along with the funding required to support us, it was hoped that publicity from the event would  help in the recruitment of volunteers. Now twelve months later, still searching for suitable premises and funding, but with a few more volunteers we are posting details with over three hundred photographs of our very first Outside Radio Broadcast.

 The Cowal Highland Gathering is not only the biggest annual event in Dunoon but the largest Highland Gathering in the Europe. Everyone at Dunoon Community Radio was very excited when Malcolm Barclay Event Manager of this prestige’s event asked if we would like to consider the possibility of, for the very first time ever, broadcasting live radio programmes from the event. After a few seconds pause and in the spirit of that great StarTrek Commanding Officer Jean Luc Picard the general census was “make it happen”

 Broadcasting for over thirty hours which included a four hour Saturday afternoon collaboration with our day time programme provider Celtic Music Radio from Glasgow we were able to keep listeners up to date with the events and to broadcast results of competitions moments after they had been announced and to post  results on this website.  

By chatting too many of the participants in the Gathering, visitors from all over the world we were able to keep our listeners informed to what was happening in the Stadium. From the President of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Mr George Ussher, the officials who make it all work, the members of the  bands who were performing in the Cowal Ceilidh Tent, and the many members of pipe bands and dancers who were performing in the stadium including the two local  dancers competing in their first Gathering we thank you and everyone else who gave their time to come and talk to us, or went out of their way to assist us at our Clubhouse Studio over the three day period without you the broadcast would never have been the success it was

A special mention for this years Chieftain Mr Sylvester McCoy for being the gentleman he is, by putting us amateurs at our ease and for putting a smile on the faces of thousands of people including, at times, when a straight face may have been more appropriate.

And finely to you our listener for supporting us especially those who have been with us from the beginning, your feed back and encouragement is a constant inspiration and we welcome your remarks and feedback on this our latest adventure. And it was so nice to put a face to some of the people who have been emailing us from across the world.

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