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Written by on 28/12/2014


Since April 2012 Dave de Kort has made the early Monday evening  here on Dunoon Community Radio his very own with his “Dave’s Indulgences”.

As Dave has always said his Monday evening slot between 7 and 8 is for him  a total indulgence, an hour when he  thoroughly spoils himself by  playing  all of his  favourite music, and as it turned out from the fan mail, yours too.

Unfortunately all the best thing come to an end and this Monday 28th December 2014 will be the last broadcast of “Daves Indulgences”.

On Monday night Dave will bid farewell to his many listeners across the world, to his YouTube artist friends so many of whom uniquely Dave has featured in his programme and to his classic vintage film listeners who constantly have surprised Dave with their extensive knowledge. From Laurel  and Hardy to Neil Diamond to Frankie Vaughan Dave has always shared his vast knowledge of music with us and always made room to introduce his listeners to new up and coming artist

Dave is a veteran of Radio starting out on Hospital and Community Radio and spending many years recording and editing audio programmes for the blind. Although you will not hear Dave on  Monday Nights you will if you listen closely enough possibly hear him in announcements and adverts as Dave will continue in his volunteer roll as advert editor.

DCR Revue

For those who live in the Cowal there will be lots of opportunities to see Dave in his role as musical director and performing artist as part of the Dunoon Community Radio Revue along with Garydee Jay- Marshalls, Claremarie Nolan and Frlly and of course performing in his own right in Concert.

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Of course Dave will still feature very strongly as a recording artist on many Dunoon Community Radio programmes and there is a rumour that next year we may see a new CD from Dave de Kort which we are all getting excited about, after all we all know Dave doesn’t do “Excited”