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In the run up to a new series of live broadcast from events to be held in and around Dunoon DCRs Outside broadcast team led by IT Archie will be visiting a local venue this Friday 26th April to broadcast the proceedings live

The  PTA from a local Primary School are holding a Cheesy Disco Ladies Night from a secret venue below a famous American Diner here in Dunoons Argyll Street and DCR Djs will paying the cheesiest 70s and 80s music to entertain the ladies.

From I0.00pm till Midnight you are invited to listen in as we broadcast Live  the Soundtrack of this cheesy event with Luke from Tuesday’s Anything Goes, (But Only If He Likes It)


assisted by that wise woman of the Chronicles Sarah who may or not be wearing a Ball Gown and Tiara,

with other DCR DJs who have promised to pop in and assist with the entertainment and rumour has it, and it’s only a rumour,  that a very popular  crooner or should that read cheesy swooner may make an appearance.

If you are organising an event which you think would be of interest to DCR listeners if broadcast live please let us know. In the meantime listen in Friday Night when the run up to the Big Night Out starts after “What Ever Rock Your Boat” at 9.00pm

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