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Written by on 03/10/2015

Toward Church

Good to see so many Dunoon Community Radio listeners at the Toward Church Concert 2ND October A nearly packed Church audience was treated to a special musical evening with music arranged by and performed by Innellan and Toward churches organist Philip Norris.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Also performing were the recently formed The Toward Songsters Lynn Cotton, Myra Rowan and  Elizabeth Garner with special guest Sharon Western and Lynda Norris.

From the opening bars of J. Clarks Prince of Denmark’s March know more commonly as the Trumpet Voluntary everyone knew they were in for a treat. The opening song by the Toward Songsters and their special guest was a beautifully sung version of a song that most people knew and recognised but couldn’t place, it was in fact the House Of The Rising Sun a song very popular in the mid sixties which together with little know lyrics Philip had found and a special arrangement was the perfect way for the Toward Singers to introduce themselves.

There was of course an opportunity for the audience to join in the refrains of popular hymns

The Toward Songsters Lynn, Myra and Elizabeth would like us to mention to our listeners that they have no desire to remain a Trio and are inviting anyone who would like to join them to contact them or Philip. They usually rehearse once a week on a Friday evening in the Toward Church and enjoy music-making together in a friendly atmosphere and look forward to welcoming not only ladies but some male voices would be nice.