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Sadly the work placement period has come to an end and Dunoon Grammar School pupil Kirsty Jardine has said her good byes to the volunteers and live “on air” to the listener.

The mike friendly youngster  took to talking live on air as if she had been doing it all her life.

In this brief Placement  Kirsty appeared on several prime time programmes including co-presenting with Andy Mac reading out  “Whats On’s” and contributing on the LLLVLBS as well as the Sarah Torbet Chronicals.

Behind the scenes she sat in and contributed to a programme development meeting discussing  a brand new programme  to coincide with one of our major summer events headed by Trish of “Whatever Rocks Your Boat” fame.

Kirsty also worked with members of Dj Rupets production team and was shown how location interviews are edited by production researcher Reese then accompanied Reese on Location for a local interview session.

We all here at Dunoon Community Radio enjoyed the experience of having a placement  student on board be it for such a short time but now that Kirsty has signed on as a Volunteer we are hopping it won’t be to long before before she is once again contributing.

Asked if there was any aspect of what she had done she didn’t like she replied “The amount of writing involved had surprised her” (maybe reminded her of the Grammar School)

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