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 Kevin Cameron’s feature-length portrait of the renowned Scottish polymath Alasdair Gray to be shown in the Burgh Hall this as part of the very first Dunoon Film Festival is as entertaining and multi-faceted as the man himself. It offers a colourful mosaic of fresh interviews, rare archive footage and opportunities to view Gray at work as he creates epic murals and provocative essays. Gray even assumes the role of a dapper, clean-shaven inquisitor to interview himself. Who better?

What emerges is an affectionate and playful tribute with a focus on the long road to the publication of his hugely influential first novel Lanark.

We welcomed  director Kevin Cameron into the Argyll Street Studio this morning for a very lively chat talking about the movie 11 years in the making with the woes and joys.Kevin was joined by Kirstin from the Film Festival who brough us all up to date .





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