DR PHIL OFF (we’re off to see…)TO KANSAS CITY

Written by on 08/05/2013


As you know Dr Phil is now away to Kansas City in the US of A (please don’t mention Dorothy or a Wizard ) to collect his prestigious ARSC award regards his book -Mississippi John Hurt: His Life, His Times, His Blues . Phil will not be back in Sunny Dunoon until the 18th June until then we have some special programmes for you to listen to.

To start with we are to re-play a special day time programme Dr Phil recently broadcast live to introduce his programme to daytime DCR listeners who may not be able to tune in during the evening. We are going to repeat  this programme in two one hourly parts.



Dr Phil came into the Argyll Street Studio to broadcast this daytime programme  as  part of our on-going initiative to introduce day time listeners to our evening schedules programme that are broadcast from early evening through to after co-co time.                                                                            It is also hoped that local commerce after hearing these “twilight programmes”  may consider advertising during these night time programmes or even sponsor a programme , but don’t forget you don’t have to be a business to sponsor a programme you could be part of a volunteer group or a bowling club , ping pong club, a reading group in fact you could even sponsor a programme as a individual and the good thing for as little as £20 you could the sponsor of your favourite programme


We are pleased with your response to our recent change in our Programme Schedule layout;  this has come about after your request for a separate page schedule and more information about the programmes,  we are also managing to put some photos to the programmes so as you can see what your favourite presenters look like .


Don’t forget that during our endeavours to introduce day time listeners to our evening programmes we will have to reschedule some of our regular daytime programmes but we think it’s worth it to give you the opportunity to listen to programmes you may not have heard before and also introduce you to the night time presenters and prove to you what a talented and versatile team we have here at Dunoon Community Radio.

You may also discover that the programme you are listening to from our night time schedule is in fact being broadcast live as several presenters are making arrangements to come into the studio and broadcast their programme live during the day.

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