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Written by on 02/04/2011

A press release was released  this morning not to be published before 8.12am this first day of April 2011 in which the following information was given.

Two popular community radio stations from either side of the Clyde have in an unprecedented action decided for the benefit of their  listeners, or their morning listeners at least, to broadcast a daily morning Show  from the Dunoon Community Radio studio situated in the corridor of a Local Argyll Business Centre.

This programme will be broadcast simultaneously on 1530AM/FM and 97.4fm both at the same time together as well as the Internet Sites of both Radio Stations.

This initiative has been brought about by the sudden departure of Popular Celtic Music Radio Morning Mix Presenter Alex Jenkins who has decided to return to his roots and his beloved Radio Rock.

Alex has over time made this programme his very own broadcasting each weekday morning from the Royal City to Celtic Music Radio listerners on 1530AM/FM and for the last fourteen and a half months to the listener tuned in to Dunoon Community Radio 97.4fm.

It was decided at a hastily convened late night meeting yesterday evening of both Radio Station Boards that continuity was paramount and the “Show Must Go” spirit must prevail, this it was decided, was what the listeners deserved.

It was unanimously agreed by a near majority of board members to invite Dunoon Community Radio Presenter Victor to present a morning show to all the listeners of Celtic Music Radio and Dunoon Community Radio in a programme that would be broadcast from Dunoon.

The format for the programme will be decided by the listeners who will be invited from the very start to contribute with ideas and comments.

Victor has since Dunoon Community Radio began presented a Breakfast Show known as “The Late Late Late Very Late Breakfast Show” which has been broadcast at 5.00pm each weekday, the presenter has been known to comment that AM morning time programmes feel much better PM and presenters are usually more alert at that time to what is happening .

It has been agreed that the first programme in this  collaboration  shall commence at 8.00am this the first day of April with Victor in the presenters role