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5th birthday

FIVE ESSENTIAL YEARS OLD– THE ESSENTIAL DANCE SESSION  with DJ DAVIE It’s the ultimate special tonight DJ Davie invites you to join him to help celebrate 5 Years of THE ESSENTIAL DANCE SESSION.

This weeks special show will track back to some of the highlights of 5 years of live broadcasting and trace the evolution of DCR’s longest running speciality music programme. Tune in as always tonight at  7.30pm.

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DJ Davie’s  first THE ESSENTIAL DANCE SESSION was broadcast on Thursday the 14th of January 2010. Still going strong with  DJ Davie  certainly raising the Bar on many occasions especially with his Buffet and Special’s nights,  a long way from the  retrospective DJ Davie was thinking of ,We now go way back to the days when Essential Dance  was still in it’s  infancy  when a young Davie was to be found around the Clubs of Paisley , Glasgow and around Scotland through to the very latest essential dance  sounds.

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From the very beginning right through to today it’s all Essential Dance

 Check out his presenters page


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