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Another Great broadcast by Celtic Music Radio from St Andrew’s in the Square, the second concert of these two concerts to raise funds for the Clutha Vaults accident victims and for the emergency services involved.
Well done every one involved, all the artist and all the folk who made it possible and to everyone who made donations which reached an incredible £3455
A special thank you to all or colleagues at Celtic Music Radio Auntie Liz, Ross, Alex and all the other volunteers especially to all those who made sure we had a listening experience that will never will be forgot.
If you were unable to get to the events and would like to make a donation to the Clutha Appeal you can do so via one of the following sites:
City of Glasgow Clutha Appeal Fund
Events For Charities Clutha Benefit
Please mention Celtic Music Radio & Dunoon Community Radio / Folk for the Clutha , thanks!
The concerts were broadcast by Celtic Music Radio on 1530AM across Glasgow and on the internet also Dunoon Community Radio 97.4fm and the internet
You can keep listening to Celtic Music Radio till February4th on Pop Up DAB Digital Radio in Ayrshire and across the South and Midland of Englandshire

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