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Written by on 09/12/2017

FRLLY TAKE A SABBATICAL                                                                                                                                                                                                              As you are more than likely aware Frances has because of health reasons had to relinquish a lot of the things she used to do here at Dunoon Community Radio but she does hope to broadcast the occasional programme in the future. In the meantime she will be selecting some of her favourite programmes for you to listen again to  in her regular Saturday  ACF slot

Frances or Frlly (The Gaelic Singer ) as she is generally known sings for pleasure, specialising in Gaelic Song and taking part in the Senior Solo Competitions in the Scottish Mod.
Frlly is a co/producer and presenter of  two programmes on Dunoon Community Radio Thursday evenings ALL THINGS MOD-THE SAGA CONTINUES and Saturday afternoon with  ARGYLLCOUNTRY FOLK

Frlly- sings in Gaelic as well

Saturday’s ARGYLLCOUNTRYFOLK Programme  is not a million miles away from Thursday’s programme “All Things Mod –The Saga Continues”.

Traditional Scottish Music has always been very popular with listeners of Dunoon Community Radio hence the success of the weekly Thursday programmes which features Gaelic traditional song, music and the spoken word with popular presenters Mary, Jenifer and Frlly.

Frlly now takes us to the traditional music and song of Scottish Folk Music from long before the Folk Revival of the sixties to the present day folk with the emerging 21st century, traditional and forward looking folk music.

From Classic folk from a time when you called it a vinyl record to the latest artist from the yearly Folk Awards  and the Scottish Traditional Music Awards to the latest  in new releases  and  re-issues  from birnhamCD with weekly reviews of the best sellers from All Celtic Music .

Frlly will also keep you informed not only of local concerts and folk events but what’s happening  across the “Watter” including the  famous”Live at the Star Club”  in Glasgow

Fryll In the Studio





Expect the Unexpected as guest FRANCES DUNLOP Leader of the well know Gaelic Waulking Song Group SGIOBA LUAIDH INBHIRCLUAIDH…. talks to Jeniffer and Frlly today 4th February 2014 12.30pm—2.00pm




Frances is also a member of Sgioba Luaidh Inbhirchluaidh (Sgioba Luaidh is a group specialising in Gaelic work songs, particularly those which were sung by women when waulking the tweed.)

Fryll In Her Presenters Dress (Optional)

This Year the Royal National Mod will be held in Dunoon in October and Frances will be looking forward to competing in one or two events .
Frances has recently taken up the position of DCR Mod Information Co-Ordinator, essentially gathering and forwarding on information on all aspects of the Mod including co-presenting a special Thursday evening programme TLLLVLBS MOD UPDATE called ALL THINGS MOD which will run right up to and including the MOD Event to be held 12th October to 19th October
Frances is looking forward to introducing to the listeners many locals including many children who will be setting their sights on competing or being involved in this years MOD 2012 and will also be talking to many competitors not only from other areas of Scotland but from all over the world.
Fryll will keep everyone informed as to what is happening by posting “her Mod Diary” as soon as able after each programme and will also post other gaelic issues in her “Diary Supplements” all here on her presenters page .
Should you wish to ask Fryll anything ALL THINGS MOD you may do so by using the Comments box at the bottom of the page and she will be only to happy to reply to you here and possibly on air in her Thursday programme
Frlly has also started her own presenter Site with a lot more information which you are invited to visit

Dunoon Fiddle Workshop Juniors with Victor and Frilly

Junior Fiddlers on air