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Over the past few years Fynefest’s reputation as one of the most popular beer festivals to attend has been spreading far and wide. From small beginnings in the brewery courtyard to a big marquee in one field, camping in another and parking in another the festival has just got bigger & better.

The reputation has been built on 3 key ingredients – Excellent Beer, Excellent Food & Excellent Music and every year the festival organisers have managed to bring to festival goer’s  the best of all three.

If you’ve never been before you will find quite a few differences between the Fynefest beer festival and that of others you may have attended.

Obviously  the main attraction is that you can enjoy quality crafted beer but along with this you have the  locally sourced food and the equally excellent music and all taking place over one weekend in the outstanding  beautiful Argyll

Fynefest  orgainisers will tell you that there is of course a 4th ingredient that makes FyneFest so successful and that is the people who come and make it one of the friendliest festival there is.

Many of the artist who appear on the music stage are very well known to seasoned festival revellers and are guaranteed to have the big marquee jumping .

For those who are experiencing a Festival for the very first time they couldn’t have choosen a better Festival for their baptism.

Over the next week in the run-up to the Festival listen out here on Dunoon Community Radio for presenters playing tunes from the artist who will be taking to the big stage in the big marquee.

Listen out for best Fynefest music including music from the iFoundation, The Shiverin Sheiks, Dr Hip and the Blues Operation, Bombskare,

and our CD of the week artist The Hazey Janes who will be taking to the big stage Saturday. 

hazey Janes CD                                                                           .

Also all the latest news , gossip, interviews  and maybe a live performance or two from artist including Douglas McCauly ……. . .



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