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Written by on 23/10/2013

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Peter Baxter, Benmore Curator, and Alan Bennell, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Head of Interpretation, will both be calling into the Argyll Street Studio  Thursday, Oct 24.after 3.00pm

Peter, known to most of our listeners, will as Curator talk about the 150th celebration of the Redwood Avenue: why they are having a celebration and what listeners can expect to see at what some commentators are predicting will be the Visual Event of the year.

Alan, as RBGE Head of Interpretation, will also talk about the Avenue, what we know of its origins and history, the celebration, how it came about and why it is important to the Garden to mark the event.

As Peter has told us on previous visits to the Studio there are many know Avenues in fine gardens but as he has said, he likes to think that Benmore has the finest.


To support this claim Alan Bennell, Head of Interpretation has been the length and breadth of the mainland – plus a short jump over the Irish Sea – to visit those reckoned to be the longest, the oldest, and the spookiest Avenues.

He’s seen everything from limes to chestnuts and even another redwood (Shropshire) that’s possibly about the same age as Benmore. There have been some very fine ones and some, such as Castle Kennedy, with several on the one estate. But, Team Benmore think, none quite match up to Benmore. However, that’s the leading question, is there a stunner out there we’ve missed, perhaps?

We have all heard at such events as this that there will be limited entrance for obvious reasons this time this is very true so please don’t wait

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