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HillBilly Bob ID

As you may “Hillbilly Bob” has just returned from Hospital after Heart surgery so will be taking a night off tonight Saturday on “Doctor’s orders” but hopes to be back next week.

“Hillbilly Bob” sends you all his love and looks forward  to being  back in the saddle next week

“Hillbilly Bob” posted this thank you to the folk who looked after him in hospital and we post it her in gratitude and thanks for looking after our “Hillbilly Bob”  -who we all love and look forward to his return next week
“I would like to thank all the staff at #GoldenJubileeHospital, the Cardiology Day Care Unit, Dr Watkins and Staff Nurses etc for the excellent care and professionalism shown to me during my stay today. And thanks for the angiogram and stent…never felt a thing, and enjoyed watching the technology and your skills at work. Thank You all,now for 7 days rest under the VERY watchful eye of Matron Shirley “

Thanks for your messages of support, I appreciate them all. Moran Taing. “Hillbilly Bob”

You can hear  “Hillbilly Bob”  here on Dunoon Community Radio Saturday 10.00pm and Wednesday 3.00pm


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