Written by on 14/10/2016

After FMQs at Holyrood yesterday the D-GFAG group had talks with David Stewart MSP  and two of his fellow MSPs Maree Todd MSP and Donald Cameron MSP.

After listening to an update by the groups Convener Susanna Rice a pledge was given by the three Parliamentarians to pursue the aims of the       D-GFAG.

Later after the meeting David posted these comments on his face book page

DAVId Stewart meet

“Had an interesting and passionate meeting with the Gourock to Dunoon Ferry Action Group yesterday. They came to the Parliament to raise these issues with myself and other MSPs. It’s been a long running campaign of mine to support them in their fight for a better, fairer service, which I raised today with the First Minister during Questions in the Chamber. This is a vital service that deserves better.

Following on, we have called for a meeting with the Minister for Transport and Islands and I am following up with a letter to Argyll & Bute Council. These problems have been going on for far too long and things need to change.”

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