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Ferdinan nov 3

Ferdinand  grew up in Deutschlandsberg , Austria and has been living for the past several years here in the west coast of Scotland, as a singer, actor, songwriter and music publisher Ferdinand also spends time at his second home near Frankfurt  his base for his European touring organisation which not only sees him touring throughout  Europe but all over the world.

He has told us during his many “Live chats on Air” at Dunoon Community Radio his music career has had several highlights such as the  leading roles in musicals such as TABALUGA & LILLI, LES MISÉRABLES, ELISABETH, SIXTY SIXTY, AHOI-DIE SEEMANNSREVUE, FIFTY FIFTY , JESUS CHRISTSUPERSTAR, THE BEAUTY AND THE BIEST, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS…’

As he prepares for his Christmas Single release of  “Drying Little Tears ” to suport  the European Childrens Charity “Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation”  he has promised to include Scotland in fact, Dunoon Scotland  as part of his promotion tour and will be with us in time to help celebrate our fith birthday and the comencement of our new five year Ofcom Community Radio Licence on the first of December

ferdinand nov 1

Listen in to hear Ferdinands Christmas song  and more details of his visit to Dunoon and follow the link to learn mor about this fabulous Childrens Charity “Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation”

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and be sure to visit Ferdinands web site

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