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Sorry for the delay in posting this introduction to Andrew a Graduate from Strathclyde University with a Masters with Merit in Digital Journalism. Andrew is developing his journalistic skills and will be a “Fly on the wall” at DCR whilst he researches Community Radio for a possible future project. Andrew came into the studio last week during Victor’s LLLVLB evening drive programme.

Originally just to observe it was not long before Andrew was explaining to the listeners what he was doing and a little about his education and future plans. During the programme he told of his musical taste and identified his favourite musician as sixties Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix who has also influenced his style of Guitar playing, when asked by Victor who was the major contributor to his musical repertoire who he felt he played most like he admitted the majority of his repertoire was Jimi Hendrix he also admitted that his parents musical taste played a great part in this. Andrew impressed several listeners with his likeable presenting style especially when he admitted this was the first time he had spoken live on Radio.

Andrew is looking forward to talking to the listeners in the near future as he continues his research into Community Radio.


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