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Written by on 19/09/2008

At last it is official, after a period of uncertainty regarding DCR’s aerial mast, permission has been granted by Argyll and Bute Council to keep the present location for a five year period which will satisfy Ofcom aerial location site regulations. Permission was granted to use the present site two years ago and was used to broadcast live radio from the Royal National Mod in 2006 (extracts to be heard here shortly). Since that time as DCR went through the procedure of application for the Ofcom broadcast licence the aerial location has not been used. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year whilst preparing for broadcast the site was revisited to discover that it was now part of a listed building which could have meant having to re-apply for permission. Thank you to Council Leader Dick Walsh, the Education Department, the Senior Planner for Bute and Cowal and the staff involved for this result.

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