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DJ Jonny Mayhem

Jonny’s ROCK OF AGES  the LEGENDS and FUTURE HEROES of ROCK is already proving popular with listeners “causing ” mayhem on our text line during an interview with THE FLAME



ROCK of AGES host ‘Jonny (Mayhem)’ last night premiered the first play of a shortly to be released new EP still in final mix by that popular awesome Alternative, Metal Band THE FLAME.

Band Members Scott McCready-Vox Lead Guitar, Chris ‘Pete’ Peterson –Lead Guitar Andy Ferguson –Bass, and Aaron ‘Ace’ Campbell –Drums visited ‘Jonny’  in the corridor to bring the listeners up to date on the progress of the band.

Although this band are unbelievably still unsigned they have a solid Fan base and have released a fair amount of original material on there internet sites and even on the eve of this latest release are working on new material with there next release in mind.

All this certainly works judging by the reaction from fans who e-mailed and texted in a record number of Text wishing the band well

To join the thousands who have already checked out the Flame catch up on

:     and where you can listen to some awesome excellent demos by the Band. 

Jonny of course will keep you well informed of what’s happening with THE FLAME                           

as a wee  Jonny Treat check out a wee Edit of the interview :                                                               


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