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Kirn Gala committee member Lawther Murchison has made a passionate appeal through the pages of the Dunoon Observer for more volunteers and donations for this years 21ST Birthday Kirn Gala Celebration .

The appeal is to local businesses, community groups and individuals, for help with the ever growing costs of staging the Gala, while also helping to develop and ensure a future for the event.

For the sponsors and all those who help out there will be full recognition of the help and support via the Kirn gala and Dunoon Community Radio Facebook sites and coverage of the event broadcast on Dunoon Community Radio across the world.     On the night, a board with all commercial donors will be listed to show the committees appreciation.

There will also be the opportunity to display their information on publicity leaflets.

Information regards the performers who will be performing at this year’s celebration will be announced shortly and we are told will reflect the direction Kirn Gala will be going in the future but with a 21st Anniversary nod to previous Kirn Gala



21 appeal via face book



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