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Local author Gill Toosey is inviting every one to come and meet her this Saturday at her book-signing of ‘In Mysterious Ways’ at Dunoon’s Bookpoint.

She came into Dunoon to hand a flyer about her book-signing event to the Dunoon Observer and ended up in the local radio station with Victor


The distributed flyers for her book-signing in Dunoon gave a wee insight into her novel

Here is an extract:-

‘Isla positioned her hands on the keyboard and then she began.Big chords in the opening bars and she was in another world – no man needed now. She closed her eyes as she played and thought of Euan’s kisses when they had been together in Oxford. She could almost feel the sun on her face again and remembered the image of the two of them sitting kissing in the gardens. This was indeed passion without a man! A few moments later, she finished and sighed gently.
” Isla, are you there? Have you played it? Oh this is infuriating – I want to be there with you!
Yes, I have finished the Warsaw concerto and it was great . Phew!
Not fair, all this passion without me Isla.”


book-signing of ‘In Mysterious Ways’ at Bookpoint Dunoon on Saturday 11am -2.pm


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