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Hello thank you for visiting my Presenters Page on this new format on the new Dunoon Community Radio web site, I do hope you will continue to revisit it to see my updates. I am told that I will be able to correspond and interact with each you and very soon it will be possible for you to listen again to previous programmes not just from me but from all the DCR97.4FM presenters  a sort of “One Stop Shop” so you don’t have to go to several social media sites to get all the information,  I don’t think they will have milk , it’s not that kind of shop.   

As a lot of you know especially those who have listened and supported me since way back in the day I am one of the least technical folk you could meet, I am of the Old School some may say a Dinosaur but I am comfortable surrounded by technology and only really understanding aspects which involve me which I have been taught, I am not on a technology discovery journey.

I wouldn’t say I am a technophobe, working in a radio station gives you a great insight and appreciation of technology and how convenient technology has made communications, I can still remember telling the listener to be sure they posted off a radio request at least a week before the event. 

First, I love music, I love Soul Music, it’s my passion, Soul music  from a long time ago although I do listen as passionately to other genres of music and still get excited when I hear something brand new which stops me in my tracks. My favourite solo artist is Rod Stewart and has been since the early sixties when he allowed me to purchase some liquid refreshment for him having just performed the best ever still to this day version of Shake I have ever heard thus proving to me at least that a white boy could sing Soul opening for me a whole new world –thank’s Smiler.