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Written by on 28/10/2012

We were just kept so busy during the Mod that the website didn’t get any attention , sorry, We are now looking at putting that right now.  In the studio we saw a move from the little people to the big people and with a choir practice room just across the corridor from the studio it gave us a wonderful opportunity to record some great singing.  If you didn’t manage to catch all the interviews and musicians that we had on over the week,  we will be playing some of them at later dates on the radio so keep an eye on the schedule.

We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us or allow our roving reporters to interview them.  Trish even managed to get filmed by a Spanish TV crew while she interviewed their presenter.  They  where in Scotland filming Scottish Traditions and heard that the Mod in Dunoon was the place to go, so came down for the afternoon.  Here are some pictures we took we will be tidying them up and putting captions to them very soon , there are pictures on facebook and more will becoming here soon.  And if you still need the results you can get them all We had a great time and hope you all did too.

Eilidh J Davies and Calum MacLeoid

This year’s Mod Gold Medallists, Eilidh J Davies Invergarry (730pts) and Calum MacLeòid Dun Eideann (726pts) Congratulations to both

Christine Stone, originally from Bach in Lewis and now based in Caithness, together with Alec Macdonald, Breasclete, Lewis, awarded the Traditional Gold Medals at Friday night’s ceremony as part of the Royal National Mòd 2012.

The Royal National Mod is returning to Dunoon from 12th – 2oth October 2012 and this is were we will be bringing you all the news from the official Dunoon Mod site and from our own dedicated All That’s Mod programmes

Men of Worth at the Argyll Hotel



Of course  “An Comunn” as AN COMUNN GAIDHEALACH is generally referred to has it’s own Website where you can read of it’s history and aims.

You can read how it actively encourages the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language and the study and cultivation of Gaelic literature, history, music and art.

Initially, the Association was concerned with the founding of a Gaelic Festival modelled on the Welsh Eisteddfod. This Festival was called The Mòd and it is a result of considerable endeavors that now, 100 years later due recognition has been granted to the Mod in the form of the Royal assent. The Festival is now known as The Royal National Mòd.

Her Majesty the Queen is patron of An Comunn Gàidhealach,

For many throughout the world An Comunn is the body which represents the Gaelic language.

This link will take you directly to the AN COMUNN GAIDHEALACH website


To keep every one aware in to what is happening in the run up to this years Royal National Mod taking place here in Dunoon 12TH to 20th October 2012 a dedicated web site administered by the local Mod Committee is now available live on-line.

This web site Dedicated to Mod2012 will keep any one interested in any aspect of the Mod fully  informed from who does what on the Local Mod Committee, background information to this years event , where to stay should you decide to stay over, what, where and when the events are happening  and many informative links to ensure every one can enjoy this Years Royal National Mod 2012 from Dunoon


Of course as many of you know DCR has already started the count down to the Royal National Mod with programmes such as ALL THINGS MOD2012 presented by Fryll every Thursday at 5.00pm in which Fryll proves with the help of co/presenters like Mary Pollock and guest that the National Mod is not for just Gaelic speaking musicians and singers but there is more to the Mod than people think especially for us locals in Argyll and Bute.


The Royal National Mod will take place in Dunoon from the period 12th October to 20th October 2012 .


A local MOD Committee has been in place for some time working hard in the background preparing for this years event. We are fortunate in having several members who have had experience of supporting “An Comunn Gàidhealach”, in hosting and running the Royal National Mod in the years 1994, 2000 and 2006.

Plans are now well advanced with the members of the Local MOD Committee working very hard to raise the Dunoon element of the finances that are required to ensure that the Royal National MOD 2012 event will be the success that previous Mod events in Dunoon have been.

The Local MOD Committee with the support of Argyll and Bute Council and the local Community have demonstrated that Dunoon is an ideal venue suitably located, with quality hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and all within easy walking distance of Dunoon Town Centre.

The Venues have been specially selected to meet the high demands of “An Comunn Gàidhealach” not only for the competitors needs but to ensure that spectators enjoy all aspects of the performances .Dunoon is fortunate to have an abundance of quality venues to host the various Royal National Mod competitions and also the Feis events.

Financial Benefit To The Local Community

It has been estimated that the economic benefit and spend to the local community from hosting the National Mod event will be between Three to Five million pounds so the target and challenge for the partnership between” An Comunn” and the Local Mod Committee will be to secure an increase in competitors to the various competitions in the coming months and the securing of that economic benefit.

The Local Mod Committee have a target of £25,000 pounds to raise as their contribution to securing the event as well as funding some of the activities that will take place during MOD week all estimated in total from past experiences to be around £50,000 pounds.

The Committee have been working hard over the last year and more to raise funds through their local Mod Shop now set up and trading at the Queens Hall Building, Argyll Street, Dunoon. The shop hours are from l0am until 4pm Monday to Saturday. All donations of goods for resale will be gratefully received at the shop as well as offers from volunteers wishing to assist in the shop.

Information can be secured from the MOD Shop convener Chrissieurbridge telephone number 01369703761.

A programme of fund raising activities and entertainment has been arranged throughout the year with Ceilidhs at local venues including Dunoons famous Park Hotel, Strachur’s Creggans Inn and many other popular venues.

There will be many Coffee mornings with lots of “home baking”and there will be attendance at local events with Tombola Stalls and Raffles, events to date have included a local Treasure Hunt along with Ceilidh’s in the Park Hotel.       More Ceilidhs are planned with such well known and popular artist including  Ross MacPherson , Gunna Sound, Erskly Lilt and Doch n’ Doris.


Ian will give updates on the Mod and of course the local Feis which this year plans to be the best yet with many popular entertainers already booked up.

Details of future events can be obtained from the Mod Entertainment Convener, lan Wilson: 0777177167

Ian has is own very popular radio programme here on Dunoon Community Radio called “West Coast Ceilidh” which can be heard on a Monday evening at 8.00pm and repeated on a Thursday morning at 10.00am.

Ian will give updates on the Mod and of course the local Feis.


A new fundraiser for this years MOD2012 is a Grand Prize Draw that will not only benefit the MOD2012 Committee and the Prize winners but will also help local commerce and ticket sellers by keeping 50% of the ticket price to help with cost in providing services for this years MOD2012.

Tickets are reasonably price at £1 each bought in books of 10, a first prize of £3,000, a second prize of £2000, a third prize of £1000 and with many consolation prizes make this a very attractive proposition for all.

Tickets are available to purchase from any Mod Committee members in all the venues providing entertainment for the Feis and from Dunoon Community Radio.


Men of Worth at the Argyll Hotel



Men of Worth Ceilidh Friday Evening at Argyll Hotel by Fryll
Following their visit appearing on Dunoon Community Radio “All Things Mod” The Men of Worth put on a great nights entertainment for their guests at the standing room only Ceilidh or should I say, sitting on the floor only where most of the late comers ended until hotel staff brought in more chairs which meant of course the dancing area was somewhat reduced.
Keen dancers took part in all the traditional ceilidh dances to the strains of Alistair Curries accordion who joined Donny and James as a guest musician along with the wonderful Flute playing of a mystery guest.

I was very pleased to except the invitation to sing a couple of songs during the evening.
Donnie started off with Mo Run Geal Dileas, so I naturally sang Cercaill a Chuain and An t’Eilean Mullaich to match their selection of Irish and Scottish Music.
A Worthy night of entertainment with the duo including many of their popular hits from their many CD’s and traditional tunes which kept the dance floor full till the very last tune.

I look forward to their return visit during The Royal National Mod in October. I was very pleased to be part of it.