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Written by on 13/03/2013

Frlly- sings in Gaelic as well

This Saturday afternoon see’s the start of a new Programme not a million miles away from Thursday’s programme “All Things Mod –The Saga Continues”.

Traditional Scottish Music has always been very popular with listeners of Dunoon Community Radio hence the success of the weekly Thursday programmes which features Gaelic traditional song, music and the spoken word with popular presenters Mary, Jenifer and Frlly.

Frlly now takes us to the traditional music and song of Scottish Folk Music from long before the Folk Revival of the sixties to the present day folk with the emerging 21st century, traditional and forward looking folk music.

Cowal has always had an enthusiastic following of folk music and during her programmes Frlly will be looking back to some of the local popular venues, from the beginning in the sixties of the legendry folk venue The Whistlefield Inn,  the Coylet Inn on Loch Eck and the never to be forgotten George Hotel in the heart of Dunoon Town.  Now we have a new venue  in Dunoon town, formally The Glasow Bar where  many a folk night took place in the eighties the now renamed and refurbished the Brae’s which will host “Doon The Watter Folk”

From Classic folk from a time when you called it a vinyl record to the latest artist from the yearly Folk Awards  and the Scottish Traditional Music Awards to the latest  in new releases  and  re-issues  from birnhamCD with weekly reviews of the best sellers from All Celtic Music .  Frlly will also keep you informed not only of local concerts and folk events but what’s happening  across the “Watter” including the  famous”Live at the Star Club”  in Glasgow

Guest will feature prominatly in these folk programmes and as her first guest Frlly has invited local Singer/Songwriter John Morrison to bring himself and his music along this Saturday