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Written by on 21/06/2015


On May 1st Carol Gillies  set off on her Suzuki V-Strom motorbike to ride around Scotland anti-clockwise, riding mainly b and c roads, in order to take in as much of the coastline as possible. (Apart from the obvious bit where the border is! and the land ends ) she completed nearly 2000 miles in total


For a great deal of the journey Carol could see water a constant reminder to her of why she was doing this, and whilst she travelled  along the coast the greatest amount of water she could see was undrinkable because it is salt water.

For many folk in this world undrinkable water is the only water they know, in fact it is dirty filthy, full of bacteria, parasites and animal faeces and as it is the only water available.

Every single day, 1,400 children die from drinking it.

That’s one a minute, every day.


Carol did this trip on her motor cycle in the hope of attracting your attention just for a wee while enough time to make you aware of Water Aid

WaterAid is a charity that works in places all over the world where people have no access to clean water.  At all…………One in ten people in the world have no access to clean, drinkable water.  That’s about 748 million people.  Every day is a struggle just to find enough to stay alive.

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Every day Water Aid try to make a difference and every day they appeal for money to do so Carol raised over £1200 to help people across the world get access to clean water and safe loos.


Carol would like to thank our local paper, The Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard and all their staff the team at Dunoon Community Radio 97.4 FM , MotoScotland for their invaluable support and promotion for this great cause, to all the folk who came to the “Thank Funk It’s Friday” Disco Nite! And to every one who donated.


Carol will be coming into the DCR97.4FM Studio very shortly to say a personal thankyou to everyone in the meantime Carol say’s,  “Anyone who would like to donate money to WaterAid…it’s online, doesn’t matter if it’s through Just Giving or directly to the charity. Or take out a standing order for a couple of squid a month….NEVER take our lovely, safe, clean water for granted! Thanks again everyone. Xx