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The Burgh Hall Pop Up Gallery have extended the hand in deadline for thier Art Exhibition to Wednesday 30th November to give everyone a little more time to take up this unique opportunity to have thier very own “Art” publicly exhibited in the Pop Up Gallery for the whole world to see -be it anonymously of course.

postcard art

All you have to do is send them a postcard sized (A6) piece of original artwork to exhibit in our Pop up Gallery Christmas Exhibition. Each piece will be for sale for the same price of £15, whoever the artist is.

All postcards submitted will be accepted, although there is a maximum number of 6 entries per person.

You must sign your work on the back, with contact details if you want any follow up correspondence.

However, please do not sign your work on the front.  The idea is that the artwork is anonymous – visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to buy work without knowing who the artist is until after it has been purchased.  There could be a valuable hidden gem, or just a beautiful, thought provoking piece of work that you will cherish for ever…..  Also perfect as a unique Christmas present!

Work can be submitted in any medium as long as it is wall mountable – painting, drawing, original print, textile, photograph, doodle, etc.  We welcome artwork from everyone – adults and children, artists, photographers, crafters, potters….(but not from animals, please)
A6 size only – 105 x 148 mm

Please post or hand in your entries by Wednesday 30 November to:
Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust Pop up Gallery, 33 Argyll Street, Dunoon  PA23 7HG

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