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Written by on 29/11/2016

cowal befIt’s been a long time since Dunoon was mentioned in a song in fact it was in the late sixties when Billy Connolly and Tam Harvey known as the The Humblebums sang Why Don’t They Come Back To Dunoon?

Now thanks to the good folk at Cowal Elderly Befrienders a new song is to be released mentioning Dunoon.

Soon to be available to buy to help raise funds for the Cowal Elderly Befrienders will be the Song “Raining In Dunoon” which features many of the folk associated with the Befrienders.

raining in Dunoon cd cover

A wide social media campaign has begun to spread the word and asking folk to have a listen and watch the video of the song which they say they had a lot of fun writing and recording. “Raining in Dunoon”

If you would like to listen to the song and watch the video click on this link

DCR97.4FM Presenter Frlly  will be playing the song in her morning Roads,Traffic, Sea and Weather Show after 7.00am Tuesday

raining in Dunoon cd cover 

Cowal and Bute Elderly Befrienders work in the predominantly rural Cowal and Bute areas of Argyll with a referred client group of over 65s living at home or in sheltered housing, and identified as suffering from some degree of loneliness and isolation. Around 80% of referrals come from statutory services (social work/mental health team/GPs), and we work with 180 clients on a regular weekly basis for 52 weeks of the year. Our activities are designed to provide ncomplete’ service to increase social opportunity, promote independence and provide support throughocowal befut the ageing process. The services are able to adapt to the health and social requirements of each client, with more or less Outreach Worker/volunteer support given as required, allowing clients to make friends, access services and live their lives according to their wishes. In many cases, we simply provide the vehicle (physically and metaphorically) to allow clients to access the benefits of peer-support, in others (particularly in dementia cases) more support is required to allow clients to live as active and fulfilling a life as possible.




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