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Written by on 10/04/2014


Just as we thought all are broadband problems were over when our Broadband provider reconnected us after 22days without broadband on Thursday 27th March we are sorry to have to announce that once again we are having to broadcast  recorded programmes on  97.4fm this again due to the absence  of Broadband.  We sincerely apologise to all our 97.4fm listeners as we once again find ourselves in the hands of our Broadband Provider.

We will of course do everything within our power to try to convince our Broadband provider once again the importance of having a broadband connection to broadcast  Dunoon Community Radio to it’s Community listeners.


We thank you for your ongoing support over the last month or so and know from your comments that many of our listeners are like ourselves at the mercy of their broadband providers many trying to run businesses in the community using the internet