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Royal National Mod Dunoon

Written by on 24/10/2012

No the Mod didn’t stop on Thursday we were just kept so busy that the website didn’t get any attention , sorry.  In the studio we saw a move from the little people to the big people and with a choir practice room just across the corridor from the studio it gave us a wonderful opportunity to record some great singing.  If you didn’t manage to catch all the interviews and musicians that we had on over the week,  we will be playing some of them at later dates on the radio so keep an eye on the schedule. 

in the Mod Studio


 We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us or allow our roving reporters to interview them.  Trish even managed to get filmed by a Spanish TV crew while she interviewed their presenter.  They where in Scotland filming Scottish Traditions and heard that the Mod in Dunoon was the place to go, so came down for the afternoon.   There are pictures on facebook and more will becoming here soon.  And if you still need the results you can get them all on   We had a great time and hope you all did too.