Royal National Mod Monday

Written by on 16/10/2012

Nuala Neery

Mod Squad presenter Nuala Neery did us all proud by winning a Gold medal for her Conversation receiving ninety one points Congratulation Nuala from everyone  at the station

The Children’s competitions have started and many of them have been joinging us in the studio telling us what they have been up to and letting us hear their competition pieces. Including Eildh Quinn from Glasgow Gaelic School who won a Gold Badge for her storytelling.

Eilidh Quinn

Here are more pictures of visitors to our Mod Studio in the Hillfoot Primary School Monday more information to follow

Julia Shanks, aged 4 and a half years old! She’s singing into the mic while her sister is in the studio singing NA LUBAN…sweet!

Joel Robertson

Eilidh Aston

Big Nuala and Wee Nuala Gold and Silver Medal Winners

Check out our facebook page for more photographs

After the Opening Ceremony on Friday night the competetions started on Saturday morning with the Piping, Fiddles, Accordion, Melodeon, Piano and Keyboards.  There has already been some local succes with

Jamie Niall Campbell, Strachur winning a silver medal in the 13 years and under, piping – March
Jemma Johnson, Dunoon won a bronze medal in the 13-18 years, fiddle – Slow Gaelic Air and March and Strathspey and Reel
Cowal Fiddle Workshop won the Dr and Mrs Atholl Robertson (Oban) Trophy, Fiddle Group – Slow Air, March and Strathspey and Reel
Cowal Fiddle Workshop Group A won a Bronze Medal in the Fiddle Groups under 13 years- Minimum of three tunes in different tempos in traditional Highland style
Cowal Fiddle Workshop Group D won a Bronze Medal in the Fiddle Groups under 19 years – Minimum of three tunes in different tempos in a traditional Highland style

For a full list of results visit the An Comunn website

We were joined in the studio by one of the young pipers Callum Wynd from St Modan’s High School in Stirling who won a Bronze Badge in Junior Piping 13 – 15 years March and after chatting to Frlly he played her a rendition on his pipes.

Callum Wynd

In the evening Cowal Fiddle Workshop led the Fiddlers Rally playing a lovely selection of music with many of the tunes having a local connection.  The tunes were interspersed with some of the prizewinners from the days competitions.

Fiddlers Rally

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