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Written by on 18/04/2011

Cowal community turned out in force today to show once again how this Community feels about The Cowal Hospice.

Walking Along Argyll Street

In this latest initiative in the fight against the closure of the Hospice hundreds of supporters walked through the Town from the Castle Gardens to the Dunoon Stadium each carrying a flower and a message to be left at the Hospice steps. Walk organizer Sybil Baldwin joined parliamentary candidates Michael Russell and Alison Hay in thanking  the Walkers and pledging  their future support to keep the Hospice Open. Argyll and Bute MP Alan Reid also walked and spoke to many of his fellow walkers.

Parliamentary candidates Michael Russell and Alison Hay later in the afternoon joined DCR presenter Victor in a special broadcasted Save It With Flowers programme which brought listeners local and worldwide up to date with the days events.

Both parliamentary candidates once again thanked everyone who had taken part in the walk and also acknowledged apologies from over seventy people who had been in contact to say they could not attend.

Again they both pledged their support to keep the Hospice open and also to support organizers like Sybil Baldwin who gave a blow by blow report of the last week or so in which she faced head on officialdom and protocol of more than one Agency to make this walk Happen..

Asked if this had in anyway deterred her from future campaigns Sybil elaborated on what she had briefly mentioned to this website a week ago that this was only the first stage the second stage was to take the campaign to NHS Highland Headquarters in Inverness

                           16TH MAY –DESTINATION INVERNESS

It has been proposed by Sybil that on the early morning of the 16th May a coach leaves Dunoon with NHS Highland Headquarters in Inverness as the destination.

It is proposed that on board the coach are representatives of previous Save Our Hospice Campaigns with their petitions, signatures and other evidence of support for the Hospice.

All this evidence will then presented to the appropriate authorities.

Of couse there is still a lot of work to do and Sybil is appealing to interested parties to contact her.

As only a small number of Campaigners can make the actual journey ( a coach and fuel have already been donated) Sybil would like to hear of ideas for holding some kind of event the day before the journey Sunday 15TH MAY in what a lot of people hope will be the last public show necessary to convince those who are determined to close our Hospice that they are making decisions that are already effecting people and causing  immense grief and unhappiness.     

More work to do but those who have been involved with Sybil this week know that she will leave no stone unturned in her Quest to help save our Hospice.

 If you would like to contact Sybil her phone contact number is 07887798078 there is also the Save Cowal Hospice Facebook or E-mail at :

Please Please continue to sign petitions and if you haven’t done so yet here is the Dunoon Observer