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Written by on 03/10/2015


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Prior to her evening engagement “In Conversation” with Michael Russell at Dunoon’s Studio Cinema Scots Makar Liz Lochhead visited the John Street Broadcasting Studio to chat to Victor and the listeners

No stranger to Dunoon Liz was delighted to be here as part of The Dunoon Book Festival hosted by Dunoon Presents and was equally delighted when walking into the studio to hear that the station was broadcasting one of her favourite genres of music, quickly confessing that she was in fact a Soul music fan and recognised the tune being played as Paul Anka’s 1968 tune “I Can’t Help Loving You” which is known as a Northern Soul Classic.

liz lochhead at dcr 1

Liz also told the listeners of her passion for “proper” radio and was so pleased that Dunoon had its own Community Radio Station and was very happy to use it to bring the listeners up to date to some of the projects, solo and with other artist she was working on.

She was especially looking forward to talking to Michael Russell at Dunoon’s Studio Cinema and looking forward to replying to his questions by reciting some of her poetry, she even confessed to having a new poem that had not yet had an introduction to the public……………..

Unfortunately the clock was running and Liz had other commitments to fulfil, but not before in reply to what is the most requested poem she is asked to recite she treated the listeners to Kidspoem Bairnsang recited in both Scots and English, a wee preview of what is in store for tonight maybe .

Liz Lochhead and Victor


Listen out to when you can hear this “chat” with Liz Lochhead again Here on  97.4fm Dunoon Community Radio

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